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Spanish in Argentina - La Cañada, Cordoba

Founded on the banks of the river Suquia on the 6th of July 1573 by the Spanish noble Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera, the city was originally called Cordoba of New Andalucia. This important city (the second most populated after Buenos Aires), is very modern but at the same time has managed to conserve buildings dating from the colonial period, erected in the 17th and 18th centuries.


In 1614, the Jesuits founded the National University of Cordoba, 1st University in Argentina, the second in Hispanic America, in which important political and cultural figures have studied.
Amongst Cordoba's avenues and streets, colonial architecture is mixed with modern and its very welcoming pedestrian area is filled with shops, malls and cafes.

In Cordoba, tourists can enjoy the pedestrian streets linking Plaza San Martin, the Cathedral, the historic town hall, the Manzana de las Luces of the church of the Company of Jesus, the Casa de Trejo, National Monserrat College and the museum Fray Jose Antonio de San Alberto.

There are also pleasant green area, particularly Sarmiento Park, which was designed at the end of the last century by the French architecht Carlos Thays.
Further tourist attractions are provided by the costanera of the river Suquia, Cordoba Stadium and predio Feriar, where international exhibitions take place throughout the year.

Cordoba has an important cultural life, with many theatres for art and cultural shows, for the entertainment of all ages. It is also an important industrial centre, where much activity is developed. Cattle, agriculture and the mining are sources of enormous wealth for the region.
Spanish in Argentina - Company of Jesus Church, Cordoba

Spanish in Argentina - National Monserrat College, Cordoba

 Night Life

Cordoba has a very active night life; the city is filled with bars, clubs and pubs, which offer visitors hundreds of options for entertainment. Furthermore, it is blessed with important restaurants of a high gastronomic quality, which are grouped in the area around the Cañada, and with important pubs, in the district Nueva Cordoba. We also have to make mention of the district Chateau Carreras.

However, the most complete area in terms of pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, ice cream shops, night clubs is without doubt the Cerro de las Rosas, with its Avenue Rafael Nuñez - full of charm!.
Spanish in Argentina - Night Life, Cordoba


The city centre´s pedestrian streets provides an important shopping centre with every kind of shop and various cafes.

Various shopping centres are found in the centre of the city, including the Patio Olmos, a mall with important architectural features and which conserves the facade, marble staircase and some of the balconies of what was originally a college.
Spanish in Argentina - Patio Olmos Mall, Cordoba